Imposter syndrome – a huge issue for many, that you can overcome!

Imposter syndrome was identified in the 1970s and typically features an ‘inner voice’ saying things like: 

  • “I’m not qualified”
  • “I’ve got to where I am now due to luck”
  • “I know I will be found out, and exposed as a fraud eventually”
  • “What was I thinking, I was never going to succeed”

If you experience it, you are not alone. Research shows it is a very common experience for a lot of people – especially intelligent, talented, and successful people.

It is not a medical or a psychological disorder, but it can be very limiting for those affected. It is more prevalent in women (thought to be 70%+), as well as gender minorities, LGBTQIA and BIPOC individuals.

A combination of factors are behind the syndrome:

  • Upbringing (implied and explicit messages, praise, criticism)
  • Environment (including work culture)
  • Brain neuropathways (ingrained patterns of thoughts and beliefs)

In reality, you can’t make it magically disappear, but you can learn to deal with it – very successfully. By learning to recognise it, reflect differently, and to re-frame your thoughts, you can move past it and significantly reduce the impact it has on your life an your career.

Imposter syndrome is a frequent visitor to career coaching conversations. A good career coach is well equipped to help you learn to deal with it successfully.

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