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About the book – Dancing with fear and confidence

Investing time in this book may be the best investment you’ll make all year. It provides a rare combination of insight and intelligence, with a human touch. So, let’s face the music and dance. And Laura’s book tells us how, with honesty, humour and hope. Alistair McQueen, Head of Savings & Retirement at Aviva

‘Dancing with Fear and Confidence is a gem – an invitation to delve into the murky waters of midlife and come out the other side with breath-taking clarity, feeling reassured, refreshed and reenergised. Ruth Winden, Founder, Older Yet Bolder 

A great guide for those people stuck on the mid-life hamster wheel, unsure of what to do next and how to break the cycle. Paul McNamara, Partner Eton Bridge Partners Ltd.

If you’ve lost your way, or you’re crushed by too many ‘shoulds’, then this is for you. I particularly like the holistic approach—this is about far more than redefining your work and career. This is about redefining your whole self.” Sam Harrington-Lowe, Founder and Managing editor, Silver Magazine

Reading this book felt like Laura had somehow been inside my head. The content is so relatable and easy to read, whilst reassuringly grounded in a wide portfolio of research. Everyone should read this book at least once! Deb Pasley, Co-Founder / Director of The Midlife Hub Ltd

Addressing a crucial time in most peoples’ lives, mid-life, this book provides both reassurance, practical advice and excellent tools to help you move through it with confidence and hope. A real gem for anyone wondering about their life, work and direction. Dr Sally Bonneywell, Executive Coach

There are plenty of motivational and self-help books out there but this one stands out from the crowd. It is a compelling read and incredibly well-researched. Tony Watts OBE, Co-author of The Midlife Review, Director EngAgeNet, Chair SW Alliance on Ageing

Laura explores the complexity of mid-life career change with candour and humanity. Jane Artess, Visiting Fellow at iCeGS and Former Chair of NICEC.

This is most readable and straightforward guide to leading a more fulfilling life that I have ever read. Helen Hyde, Executive Coach and Former Personnel Director, Waitrose.

Reading Dancing with fear and confidence is like having a quality coaching conversation. Laura achieves a balance of data and research with accessible writing.  It feels like a supportive hug from a cheerleader, willing you to take a chance. At times though it also makes you stop in your tracks, when it speaks to a feeling so deeply held that you haven’t admitted it to yourself or others. I feel it touches on an area not well served and makes it ok to think about it. Debra Wiseglass, Group Talent and Development Director

About coaching

I have just completed a coaching programme with Laura which has led me to be able to really both assess where I am at this point in my life and career and to visualise and explore the possibilities of the future. Laura’s approach is both empathetic, thoughtful, challenging and insightful. I experienced several aha moments throughout the programme and Laura’s timely interventions where both pivotal and profound in helping me to both grow in confidence and hone my thinking. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough, she brings a professionalism, depth of subject understanding and real life experience to every session. The programme was exceptionally well structured but flexible in the moment to explore differing avenues. It has been amazing to have Laura backing my thinking through our coaching sessions. Lisa Stephenson MBA, Founder of Belong 2.

Laura is unlike anyone else I know. Able to develop compelling futures and extract simplicity from complexity she is bright, future thinking and articulate, blending broad organisational knowledge with imaginative research and a deep systemic awareness. Whilst this encapsulates what Laura can do, it is how she does it that makes Laura special. Laura is driven by a love for individuality and for developing people. She revels in giving them freedom and space to grow, to be themselves, to be at their best. This means Laura is able to be both an incredibly organisationally savvy leader whilst simultaneously ‘seeing’ everyone’s potential and caring enough to support them, coach them, mentor them to achieve that. Steve Ridgley, Experienced Coach and Coach Supervisor

Laura recently coached and supported me through a very stressful career transition. She offered me the perfect balance of listening, support, great advice and facilitated some difficult decision making. I had no idea what I wanted to do but with her help and support, I now have a new business which I love and am so happy. I would highly recommend Laura and will be using her services again. Linda Parkes, FD Consultant at Happy Consultancy Services.