Three top tips for moving on or up in your career

What are your top tips for progressing your career?

Recently, I was asked to be part of a CIPD panel of ‘experts’ on moving on or up in your career. Here are the three top tips I shared.

  • Progressing can mean different things to different people, and at different times – e.g.
  • progressing your skills, pay, contribution, responsibility, reach. Take a bit of time to figure out what matters most to you now. 
  • Learn to really be yourself, but with skill. If you’re a natural truthteller, learn to tell your truth in ways that have a constructive impact and can be heard by others. 
  • Ticking off objectives is not enough, you need to make a valued and noticeable impact to become a respected colleague or leader.   

Short and sweet.

If you’re keen to progress your career but are feeling stuck or unsure, why not get in touch for a free no-obligation chat about coaching. Even one session can make a real difference.

“Being coached by Laura gave me the sense that I was in experienced and safe hands. I was in the process of needing to make some decisions and her coaching not only helped – it literally shifted my perspective within the space of an hour. And there was I thinking I knew everything! Amongst other things, I definitely understood myself better – even after one session. If you are at a crux point or feeling stuck I would highly recommend working with Laura” Georgia Rooney, Video Content Specialist and FA Referee.

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