Mid-life career review workshops

Are you starting to question what you want from your next 15-20 years of work? Maybe you are becoming dissatisfied with your current career, wondering if you need a change, or feeling stuck and unsure what to do? Or perhaps you just want the chance to pause and take stock rather than sleep walk into your future.

You are not alone. At mid-life, questioning is entirely natural if not always comfortable. Our workshops provide the perfect opportunity to consider the next chapter of your working life in a safe and supportive environment.

Mid-life career review workshops can either be business-specific or open. Within a business they can be tailored to provide information about specific policies and provision. Open workshops are typically hosted by employment agencies and available to their clients.

You will get …

  • A deeper understanding of what really matters to you – your career values, narrative and important influences
  • The latest insight into mid-life and careers trends – to help you create impactful career strategies
  • A workbook which will help you on your career adventure – with a wealth of resources to help you plan ahead
  • An action plan with achievable next steps
  • A 1:1 follow up call – to review progress or address additional reflections 

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