Careers Consulting

The business case for investing in mid-life careers is compelling – with improved productivity, reduced costs, greater opportunities and reduced business risks – but few businesses are doing so.

By 2030, half of all adults in the UK will be over 50. The majority of our future workforce is already in work. 91% of over 50s want to progress their career but the training spend for over 50s is 1/2 that of younger workers.

By investing in the careers of current employees, we are investing in the careers of future employees. People in late career face unique challenges and many businesses make it hard for them to progress or even to stay in employment.

We work with HR Professionals as they build their business’ understanding of this population and develop meaningful action plans to respond to their needs and re-engage them.

Our services include:

  • Delivering insightful presentations to HR, Leadership and Coach groups
  • Undertaking consulting assignments to review the effectiveness of the current provision and recommend meaningful actions that would make a real business difference
  • Providing business-specific mid-life career review workshops to support your mid-life population. These can also be extended to include your financial / pensions and well-being provision

“Laura is an excellent talent advisor and consultant. She brings extensive experience to bear at a strategic and operational level and works collaboratively with clients so that there is skills and knowledge transfer. She is also extremely credible with senior executives. I highly recommend her”. Bernadette Bruton (Global Talent and Organisation Development Director, Aviva)

“I have known Laura for many years and have worked with her in a range of contexts. The thing that stands out about Laura is her insight and thoughtfulness on a topic, she takes the time to get to grips with issues. I don’t know many people who have worked in such diverse businesses, and she has a passion for her work which she conveys in her interactions with others; a great facilitator and coach who can bring complex concepts to life. Laura’s recent research and thought leadership around mid-life career development is making a real difference, and I’m sure she’ll continue to make an impact in this area. She is professional, personable and generous in spirit” Rosemary McLean (The Career Innovation Company).

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