Dis-covering yourself by experimenting

Bored in his work, Daniel realised he needed something to change—so he decided to say yes to every opportunity that presented itself over the next few weeks. And he did. Socially and professionally. He said yes to joining a local networking group, to a canoeing weekend, to a public speaking course, to becoming a mentor, to joining a quiz team—none of which he had done before.

He liked some more than others. Some were nerve-wracking. Some he wished he’d done them before. Whatever his reaction, they all taught him something useful.

Experiments are a proven strategy for people wanting to reinvent their work.

Some use an open approach —Daniel’s ‘say yes’ mission involved just trying things to see what happened.  

Some pilot something new—by studying, volunteering or shadowing first.

Some have rolling experiments—with a portfolio of work that begins and stops as things develop and change.  

Experiments help you to dis-cover important clues about your life and what you want from your next chapter. Dis-covering what is important to you now, what suits you, what you do want, what you don’t want, what you enjoy.

By undertaking some form of experiment, you can try new things alongside your current work, making it less risky. You can also take time to refine and develop the new skills you need.


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