Coaching – what is it and what makes it successful?

In short, coaching is about you having the conversations you need to have with yourself, but can’t have alone. That’s how I experience it.

By working with an unbiased, challenging supporter, you are able to move issues, challenges, opportunities, or ambitions forward – more quickly and more sustainably.   

Coaching allows you to discover things about yourself that you didn’t know before. It can help you to see yourself through fresh eyes and to think differently. You are supported to challenge patterns, habits and assumptions that don’t serve you anymore. It helps you become unstuck, imagine a new future, and tackle important issues.

There has been a fair amount of research into how coaching works and the three most factors for coaching success are: 

  • You (the coachee) are the most important factor. How ready and able are you to engage with coaching. Are you sufficiently committed, dissatisfied with your current situation, open-minded, and resourceful to make a shift? 
  • The quality of the coaching relationship is next. Is there enough mutual trust, respect, confidentiality, and safety?  Is your coach the unbiased, challenging supporter you need? Can you work together to have the real conversations you need? 
  • The coaching process is third. Many people new to coaching are concerned about the tools being used, the style of coaching, the programme steps etc. They do matter, but not as much as the first two. An experienced coach is responsive to the needs of the coachees and can draw on a range of questions, conversations and methods to support the coaching process – but they are there as an aid rather than the scaffolding. 

Coaching is many things at different times – reflective, insightful, introspective, externally focused, practical, short term, long term – but it is always about helping you to become more of yourself, at your best. 

To discover more about 1:1 coaching, please visit the page via the menu or simply follow this link:

1:1 Coaching

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