Top 5 reasons people come to me for coaching

We are all unique, but there are also some themes as to why people come to me for coaching.

“I am being made redundant and need help to work out what next”

“I can’t keep doing this job for another 10/15/20 years, I need help to work out what would suit me better”     

“My family are grown up and it’s my time – but I honestly don’t really know what I want to do with my freedom!”

“I’ve worked hard my whole life and I’m scared to retire! I need help planning the next chapter, that it is fulfilling and purposeful”

“I know I am ready for something else, but my low self-confidence is keeping me stuck on this treadmill”  

Mid-life transitions can be challenging, but they can also be liberating. With the right time, support, and attention many many people have successfully pivoted their lives in directions that suit them much better.

To learn more, please visit the 1:1 Coaching page on my website or contact me at

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