Finding a quality career coach can be daunting

Hiring a career coach is a big decision. With thousands of career professionals in the UK, finding the right one can be daunting. Here are some useful criteria for narrowing down your choice.

1) Do your research

Be as vigilant in your search for a coach as you would for job hunting. Check LinkedIn profiles or websites to see client recommendations and ask people in your network for suggestions and referrals.

2) Check accreditation and affiliations

Not all career coaches are accredited.  Regular renewal procedures mean that accredited career coaches are up-to-date with best practice, which is important because the world of work and job searching is constantly changing.

I have a Masters in Coaching. I am also a Professional Coach with APECS, a member of the Career Development Institute, and a Chartered Fellow with the CIPD.  

3) Search by industry expertise or type of coaching

Some coaches have different areas of focus, such as working with teams, executives or career changers. A blog can be a great indication of their style and specialisms.  It’s worth asking your coach about their type of experience, and where they achieve their best results. 

I am a career coach and specialise in career transitions – particularly for those approaching or in mid-life. 

4) Look for chemistry

Trust is a huge part of the relationship, not just because you’re sharing personal or confidential information, but also because coaching involves being challenged and supported. 

5) Ask for a no-obligation ‘chemistry’ session

This works both ways: you have the opportunity to find out if your coach will be a good match, while they can get a better sense of your particular needs. For coaching to be successful, both parties need a commitment from each other. 

I always offer a 30-minute chemistry session. 

Laura is an exceptional coach and a real expert in her niche area. She has the perfect balance of personal qualities and expertise. She is deeply passionate about what she does and has a wealth of experience to draw upon. (Gail, Executive Search Consultant)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura, she is extremely knowledgeable, giving instant credibility to her thinking. I have no hesitation in recommending her. (Jonny, Group Head of Talent Acquisition)

It was a great feeling when I discovered Laura. Having coaching sessions with Laura was like having a good supportive friend, with the added benefits of her unique professional insight within dedicated sessions. Laura has a friendly, supportive and considered style, and a wealth of tools to help, and empower you, whilst you navigate the path ahead. (Vicky, Career Changer)

I have just completed a coaching programme with Laura which has led me to be able to really both assess where I am at this point in my life and career and to visualise and explore the possibilities of the future. Laura’s approach is both empathetic, thoughtful, challenging and insightful (Lisa, Business Consultant)

Laura is unlike anyone else I know. Able to develop compelling futures and extract simplicity from complexity. Laura is driven by a love for individuality and for developing people. She revels in giving them freedom and space to grow, to be themselves, to be at their best. (Steve, Experienced Coach)

Laura recently coached and supported me through a very stressful career transition. She offered me the perfect balance of listening, support, great advice and facilitated some difficult decision making. I had no idea what I wanted to do but with her help and support, I now have a new business which I love and am so happy. I would highly recommend Laura and will be using her services again (Linda, Finance Director)

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