Have you ever secretly wondered if you’ve got a book in you?

I honestly never did. A year and a half ago that all changed and, in less than 8 weeks, my first book will be published. Eek!

I always enjoyed writing reports, articles and Board papers – but that is not the same as a book. I didn’t think I had 36,000 words in me about any topic, let alone one that people would want to read about. Turns out I do.

It began in the pub. On the 31st of December 2018. Five of us decided it would be fun to write one word on our hands – something about our own future. OK, we’d had a few drinks. For some reason, I wrote Author. Until that moment I hadn’t voiced that dream to anyone, me included. They didn’t mock. They didn’t laugh. They simply said go for it. That was the start.

Presenting at research conferences and winning a research award boosted my confidence. People kept coming up to me saying you need to write a book for the sake of others like us. Experienced academics thought my research was good. Practitioners thought it was relevant and useful. A publisher was willing to walk alongside me.

Since then I’ve talked to lots of people about it. They’ve encouraged me, shared their experiences, gifted their advice. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without them. A book is a team sport even if one name is on the cover.

Like everything in life, timing is key. The timing of this book couldn’t be better.

Over recent months people have had to think differently about their lives and work. Many know they want something different, but don’t know where to start. This book is for them. It’s for the thousands of people in mid-life (or approaching it) who want something different for their next chapter, their next verse, their next dance.

Maybe it’s for you.

At this point, I am a whole cocktail of emotions about the book being published – excited, anxious, proud, hopeful, fearful, relieved, amused. It’s a huge milestone. I truly hope you like it.

So, have you ever secretly wondered if you’ve got a book in you? If you think you might, I would be love to pass on what I have learned. Just get in touch.

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