Mid-life – the pivotal period in our lives

We have experienced pivots before (when we left education or got our own home), but in mid-life we typically have several pivots going on at once, and in different directions. No wonder it’s confusing.  

We straddle youth and old age in our own lives. We support both older and younger generations in our families and society. We are positioned between younger and older workers in the workplace.

Within ourselves, we are both declining and growing. For example, most of us believe our health is declining, our youthful good looks are declining, our work potential is declining. On the other hand, we may believe our ability to make good decisions is growing, our autonomy is increasing, and future life satisfaction could increase.

These multi-directional pivots can make us feel dizzy and overwhelmed. Add a looming big birthday into the mix and we have a potent blend of feelings, circumstances, and a sense of our own mortality. Our whole sense of self is shifting.  

“One morning I looked in the mirror and didn’t even recognise the man looking back at me”

Pretending mid-life workers are just like everyone else in our business is dismissive and diminishing. We don’t mean to be – but we are.

They have more to deal with. They face unique challenges. They get less support than any other group of employees. They have the most potential to turnaround their future lives.

There is a wealth of evidence which shows a minimal amount of support during midlife to pause and consider their future makes all the difference – and can even overcome earlier issues and challenges.

Progressive organisations are starting to provide workshops, 1:1 coaching or online tools to help mid-lifers to action plan around their …

  • Finances
  • Work and careers
  • Well-being

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

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