Older workers – challenging myths with fascinating facts

There are also many myths about older workers that need to be challenged – here are a few with some fascinating facts:

Myth: Some believe that older workers are more likely to be off sick

Fact: Older workers are half as likely to take a sick day compared to their younger counterparts. Only a quarter of over 50’s took time off in 2014 due to ill-health compared to just under half of those aged 20-30

Myth: Older workers aren’t up to date with technology

Fact: Cisco research found no great correlation between age and confidence using technology – even less so for technology at work

Fact: In the digital sector, 70% of start-ups founded by older workers lasted longer than three years, compared to only 28% of those created by younger entrepreneurs

Myth: Older workers cruise along and are not really interested in their career

Fact: 91% of older workers surveyed still wish to progress in their careers

Myth: There is no business benefit in training older workers

Fact: Organisations that provide a higher level of training to older workers retain their staff until a much later age, thereby reducing turnover costs.

Fact: Training spend for over the 50s is 50% less than for younger workers

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